Monday, September 24, 2018

Do you ever wish your farrier tools would last just a little bit longer?   Or maybe that you had a few back up tools just in case one broke while you were under a horse? 


    Umm, yes.  Especially, if you are like a lot of the professional farriers who have stopped into our shop. So we went looking for a way to make a value line of horseshoeing tools better.

    Mike has spent several months developing a quality line of farrier tools that will last 3 times longer than similar tools because of Farrier Strong's proprietary titanium coating that PREVENTS RUSTING.

 Farrier Strong's nippers, pull-offs, crease nail pullers, clinchers, hoof testers, and farrier aprons have been out in the field now since July and have been well received.

    Sure, if you want, you can spend 2 or 3 times more for your tools however with our Farrier Strong brand of value tools, it's just not necessary any more. The nippers are smooth acting with a nice balance. You'll find the head of the nail puller's is designed thick enough to grab the nail so it doesn't break on you. Plus, our pull offs double as a shoe spreader.

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AND, our Farrier Strong Aprons... are flying out the door!

Let's look at why:
It's hot here, and no one wants to wear a heavy apron. These were designed out of a super light weight Cordura material.
Three layers of material are used so they are nice and sturdy horseshoeing aprons with reinforced stitching and leather thigh patches.
They even include 2 pockets for hoof knives, plus a magnet so your nails are right there where you need them.
We can ship one out to you in black, camel, grey, red or navy blue.
A great fit running at 30 inches in length, and the quick release waist belt is adjustable, so one size works for everyone.

Give us a call today 352-840-0106 or shop online at

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Dallas Morgan Farrier Education Clinic Coming Soon

FSFA DALLAS MORGAN Clinic is coming soon! March 19th from 8:30am to 4:30pm at our shop (275 SW 60th Ave, Ocala, FL).
This is your opportunity to learn and discuss Shoeing to Reduce the Consequences of Poor Conformation in Performance Horses, Everyday Modifications to Horseshoes, a Forging Demonstration with Robbie Hunker striking.
There's even more- Dallas Morgan will shoe one up as well. Dallas Morgan is an AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier and was a member of the 2000 American Farrier Team, World Championship Blacksmith (WCB) Overall High Point and Open Division Winner in Flagstaff, AZ.
Dallas will also be judging the Canadian Team Trials with Paul Robinson in Quebec and the Music City Horseshoers Association competition in Tennessee. His most recent clinics for Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center have been to Columbia, South America, British Columbia, Canada, Australia , and New Zealand.
Come enjoy complimentary lunch and breakfast and learn from one of the best farriers around!

Please RSVP to John Hamrick CJF @ 352-208-5995.

Florida State Farriers Association Spring Shoeing Clinic is $45 for Members and $75 for Non-Members.

Friday, March 28, 2014

We want to help you win the Mail-In Forging Contest at the Calgary Stampede!

It's your last chance to win the coveted buckle from the Calgary Stampede Forging contest. For the past 11 years, farriers have been asked to forge horseshoes of all types. And once, even a pair of tongs!  The entries were mailed into Calgary Stampede and judged by the best farriers in the world.

Test your skills on a sidebone horseshoe. Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center is proudly sponsoring the Calgary Mail-In Stampede Forging contest.  The winner will receive a belt buckle and all contestants will receive a t-shirt and a Farriers Classic book.  Plus, if one of our local farriers wins the contest, we will give them a $100 gift certificate to Farriers Depot.

Stop by today and pick up enough FREE bar stock to forge one shoe, courtesy of Farriers Depot. Bring your finished Sidebone horseshoe and completed entry form back to us by May15, 2014, and we will ship it for you to Calgary.

Click here for Instructions on a Sidebone horseshoe.

Click here for entry form to complete.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Discover Farrier Modifications of Horseshoes using your Forge, Hammer, and Anvil

This weeks video starring Grant Moon gives helpful instructions on using your forge, anvil and hammer to create a rocker toe, rolled toe or expanding a shoe by a half size. Tell us about your favorite forge.  Which hammer in your tool box do you reach for 80% of the time? Do you have any forging secrets?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Farrier Modifications of Horseshoes using Grinding Equipment

Take a look at this useful video produced by FPD showing when it's easier to use a grinder on horseshoes for certain applications than hammering it out. Of course, we have the Baldor 1/2"HP Grinder, 10" Expander Wheel, and 40 Grit Zirconia Belt available at Farriers Depot. Come see us today!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fix up your Farrier Trailer Event!

Now is the time to add that shoe rack or swing out that you've always wanted on to your farrier box or trailer. It's a great time to save on trailer add ons, and farrier accessories because Stonewell Bodies will be doing on-site additions at our warehouse in Ocala. Plus, repairs too!

Appointments are being taken right now. March 10-12, 2014. Call 352-840-0106 to get yours and pre-order any Stonewell Bodies accessory for freight savings.

Here is a link to their accessory page: Stonewell Farrier Products. Just tell Mike what you would like for your trailer and Stonewell will bring the items down from New York with them.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sign up begins now for "Shoeing the Sport Horse Clinic, Bob Pethic APF,CJF"

We are proud to bring Bob Pethic, APF CJF down from New Jersey for a super informative clinic on shoeing hunter and jumper horses for competition. Bob Pethic is a talented and skilled farrier and his work in the Hunter/Jumper world is well known. He's a five time member of the American Farrier's Team with world-wide judging under his belt at many farrier competitions.

Pethic has shod world champions and Olympic level horses in all riding disciplines, having served as the farrier for the United States Equestrian Team Olympic selection trial events. He also has placed in the top 10 farriers at the Calgary World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition several times. He's also an a big fan of aviation!
There are limited seats available for this clinic. Starting time is 9am, Saturday, March 22, 2014 and it will be held at Farriers Depot ,275 SW 60th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474.

Bob will discuss M/L balance, sheared heels, shoeing the hind end, A/P balance, Hi-Lo and under-run heels in the morning with a catered BBQ lunch available mid-day.  The afternoon session will be a live horseshoeing demonstration.  Please RSVP by March 14th to 352-840-0106.  This will be an informative clinic and one that you sure don't want to miss!